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    • Engineering Mechanics for North Maharashtra University, Semester I

      This course lays out the fundamental concepts of Engineering mechanics dealing with the forces and their effects on particles and rigid bodies. This subject bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology.
      • 26 Chapters
      • 26 Videos
      • 575 Questions
    • Elements of Electrical & Electronics Engineering for North Maharashtra University, Semester II

      This course probes fundamental ideas of Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering subject seeking to provide wide exposure to the basic concepts of Electrical and Electronics Engineering along with the dynamic implementations of these concepts into everyday life.
      • 9 Chapters
      • 16 Videos
      • 483 Questions
    • Engineering Drawing for North Maharashtra University, Semester II

      This course of Engineering Graphics is the basic communication language of Engineers and is used to relay information and ideas on a 2 dimensional medium from one mind to another. The description consists of a precise layout of a mechanical model using different views effectively understood by a reader.
      • 6 Chapters
      • 6 Videos
      • 0 Question
    • Computer Programming for North Maharashtra University, Semester I

      Learn about programming fundamentals, writing several programs in various different programming languages while understanding theories related to internet and computer basics.
      • 17 Chapters
      • 17 Videos
      • 724 Questions
    • Engineering Drawing For Amravati University, Semester 1

      Engineering Drawing is the Universal Language of Engineers. Engineering Drawing is the base of the engineering curriculum. It helps to communicate the ideas through sketches.
      • 11 Chapters
      • 30 Videos
      • 0 Question
    • Engineering Mechanics For Amravati University, Semester 1

      This course helps you to understand the basic concepts of Engineering mechanics including statics and dynamics along with its applications in our day to day lives. It forms the basis for understanding various advanced topics like, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, machine design, vibrations etc.
      • 32 Chapters
      • 46 Videos
      • 1195 Questions